Our Products

Below are some examples of our tried and tested quality products which we have available for various product handling, packaging and pick and place applications in different industries. 

Bakery applications

We are the suppliers, agents and manufacturers of various large scale machinery specifically designed for high volume baking lines. Our agency KAAK enables us to supply high quality world class equipment to our many customers throughout the Southern African region.

Mechatronics robotic applications
Robotic lidding system

The lidding robot system places the lids onto the pans. This is done using an ABB robot system with conveyor tracking. The conveyor tracking allows us to place the lids on the fly. Two lids are placed onto pans at a time and this allows us a capacity of at least 8000 loaves per hour.

Robotic delidding system

The de-lidding robot system removes the lids from the pans. This is done using an ABB robot system with conveyor tracking. The conveyor tracking allows us to remove the lids on the fly. Two lids are removed from the pans at a time and this allows us a capacity of at least 8000 loaves per hour. The lids are then placed onto a conveyor which travels to the lid cooling system.

Robotic depanning system

The depanning robot system is designed to remove the baked loaves from the after the delidder has removed the lids. This is done using an ABB robot system with conveyor tracking which allows us to do it on the fly. The loaves are removed by pans of a powerful suction system. The loaves are then placed onto the bread conveyors which then transport them to the spiral cooler. This system has a capacity of at least 8000 loaves per hour.

Robotic pan storage system

The pan storage system is used for storing the pans when they are not in use. The pans are picked up using a powerful magnetic gripper which then collects the pans and stacked them on top of each other into an array. This system has a capacity of at least 8000 loaves per hour.

Robotic lid storage system - without studs
Robotic lid storage system - with studs

The lid storage system is used for storing the lids when they are not in use. The lids are picked up using a pneumatic vacuum system. They are then placed into stackers for storage. This system has a capacity of at least 8000 loaves per hour. This system is designed in two versions. One version requires the customer to weld studs onto the lids to enable us to stack the lids on top of each other, the other system does not require studs however we would then supply stacking pillars to enable us to stack the lids on the pillars.

KAAK group applications

Based on more than 100 years of experience, the Kaak Group offers bakery companies all over the world the equipment they require for the production of many types of bakery products. Every member of the Kaak Group supplies the highest quality products and support, each highly specialised in their own field. As a group, we are able to offer you a large variety in line concepts, from a relatively simple mono production line to complex multi-functional production lines.

Benier equipment

For more than 100 years, Benier has designed and built dough production and dough handling systems for all types of dough. The desired hourly performance we incorporate is used in artisanal bakeries and industrial bread making lines alike. The main focus is on dough quality and gentle dough handling – during dough dividing or moulding, for example. The role model is the manual artisanal processing method, which is reproduced using modern mechanical engineering and control technology.


Benier manufactures a range of Mechanical Dough Developers (MDD) with capacities of up to 350kg of dough per batch. The MDD was initially developed as an integral cornerstone of the Chorleywood Bread Process and is most commonly used for sandwich and toast bread products in many parts of the world. It is also used across a product range that includes soft buns, morning goods, cake, batters, donuts and even Scotch-pastry.

The Benier divider divides your dough using a very precise and tried and tested method. The result of this technology is a very gentle, stress-free and precise dividing process, suitable for a wide range of dough consistencies and processes. The on-board PLC controls and monitors all functions of the machine. All machine settings can be stored per recipe and the relevant information is clearly shown on a touch screen display.


The combination of a cylinder and a cone provides optimal rounding performance. When nice rounded balls are required (for pizza processing, for example) at a relatively high capacity


Our BM600 moulder is a high-performance industrial machine equipped with the unique Benier drum sheeting principlefor effective degassing, resulting in a regularly shaped dough loaf with a fine, regular crumb structure. The Teflon sheeting roller is adjustable in height. Sheeting pressure is controlled pneumatically in order to adjust the sheet, reducing the thickness of the seam.


In the design of the Benier Industrial First Proofers, particular attention is given to creating ideal conditions for dough processing. Realisation of the industrial proofing concept is determined by:

Capacity; also for selecting the right type of infeed system.

First proofing time.

Climate control.


Benier has been manufacturing dividers for more than 130 years. In this strong tradition of quality, they have now developed the latest star in our range of dividers, the Xtrueder. The Xtrueder is a strong addition to there existing large range of dividers and offers the baker an even wider range of dividing solutions. This divider is suitable for 24/7 production in a demanding industrial environment, due to the robust design and construction.

MCS Equipment

MCS has produced high performance industrial lines for the worldwide bakery industry from Ala, Northern Italy, since 1974. With a modular design, the proposed ovens can be tailor-made to customers’ requests – with different combinations of baking zones, burners, a combination of radiation and convection heat (turbulence). All types of wire mesh belts, hinged plate belts and, in particular, natural stone plates, are available.

Bakemaster oven

The MCS Bakemaster tunnel oven is suitable for hearth-baked products as well as for baking on pans and trays or in tins and moulds. 

The oven is a combination of various modules (4.5-6-7.5 meters) assembled according to product and customer requirements. Baking zones of various sizes can be combined to achieve an ideal baking diagram. The modular design also allows maximum flexibility when choosing oven layout and dimensions.

A high-efficiency air distribution system maximises the heat transfer to the product by radiation. Additional heat transfer can be obtained in the form of forced convection heating from a turbulent air system which blows hot air through the baking chamber; the flow of this turbulent air can be reversed. The oven’s extremely compact design is specifically intended to facilitate the installation of the proofer and other units above the oven itself when space constrains so require.

Swing tray proofer

MCS manufactures different kind of proofers:

  • Swing tray proofers, for products on pans/trays/peelboards

  • Stabilised tray proofers, for free-standing products

  • Cradle/basket/swing-cup proofers, for batons, rye bread and pizza dough pieces

KAAK FPS equipment

Kaak Food Production Systems is the origin of today’s Kaak Group. In the 1960’s, craft bakeries became more and more industrialized. From the very start of this process, Kaak FPS was one of the primary systems architects for bakery automation. Kaak FPS acts as the connecting link between the various Kaak Group specialists. The extensive engineering department is the technical brain when it comes to translating customer requests into customized solutions.

Spirals Multi-Spiral

Kaak Spirals, as a manufacturer of Multi-Spiral systems, has developed a complete range of systems for cooling, freezing and proofing.

The Multi-Spiral system consist of an endless conveyor belt system without transfers. The conveyor belt is driven via a central drum, friction-based, with a single main drive.

Multi-Step Cooler

When product cooling can be done inside the baking pans or on baking trays, the Multi-Step Cooler is an excellent solution. Different pan types can be used as long as (one of) their outside dimensions are equal.

The pans are fed into the cooler by means of an indexing chain and do not touch each other. Once a row is complete, it is lifted up with an L-shape carrier. This process is repeated until the first baked product has reached the top level. The pans are then moved over to the descending part of the cooler. There, they are moved down in steps until they leave the cooling system.

Other Fast Moving Consumer Goods applications

In a complex and ever evolving high speed production market, we are able to offer a broad range of customized process security, handling, conveying, stacking, packing and palletizing systems. Our flexible line engineering allows us to encompass industries such as food and beverage, baking, pharmaceutical, personal care, dairy products and many more. We consider ourselves not as a product supplier but a solutions provider to optimize and correct any challenges you may have in your production environment with a focus on quality productivity and availability. 

Pick and place applications

We offer a vast range of pick and place solutions ranging from high speed robotic applications, low speed robotic precision applications and low cost medium scale applications.

High speed flexpicker pick and place application
Low cost automation pick and place system

This high speed pick and place application is capable of executing up to 90 complete movements per minute depending on product weight and distance from pick to place positions. This robot can handle up to a 8kg payload including the handling equipment and can pick and place over a distance up to 1600mm.

The low cost pick and place system was developed in cooperation with Festo and was developed for a more simple pick and place requirement.

Palletizing applications

We offer customizable sorting and palletizing applications to suit any of our customers high speed complex packing strategies. 

Box palletizing robots

This high speed palletizing application is capable of executing up to 16 pallets per hour depending on product weight and distance from pick to place positions. This robot application has a payload of 500kg .

Conveying systems

We offer a vast range of conveying solutions ranging from product conveyors, pallet conveyors and various other transportation systems.

Product conveyors
Pallet conveyors

We cater for all your product requirements from transporting food, boxed, wrapped and any other products you may need transporting our design team has the solution for you.

We have various hygiene and non hygiene design for this solution with varying load requirements to suit all your needs.